Thursday, July 19, 2007

BeansTalk’s Beauty Memo to Amy Winehouse Fans

Hey, we are big fans of the rehab-refusing Ms Amy Winehouse. Who can deny that she has an original soulful voice, and an even more original look? Yet, as beauty professionals we could not resist the opportunity to comment on her beauty do’s and don’ts. For starters, she has gorgeous glowing skin, and seems to choose the right foundation make-up to keep her face fresh-looking; however, this is where her correct instincts end. We offer our tips on how she or any of her fans can refine her exaggerated 60’s look without looking too out-of-bounds.

Eyes. We have to start with the eyes. For God’s sake, the bat-wing eyeliner is – to say the least – alarming. At BeansTalk, we love dramatic eyeliner, and feel that it is absolutely a fashion “do” to go ahead and wear a color that is one or even two shades darker than your hair color, as long as it makes sense with your over all make-up look and the occasion as well.

To achieve the Winehouse drama for evening without looking like you are ready to go trick-or-treating try using a high quality eyeliner like the Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Eyeliner in Onyx. This easy-to-use mechanical pencil delivers a super precise line without the drip or mess of a liquid. Start on the inner lashline of the lid and make a fine line from corner to corner on both upper and lower lids. A second line may be added to the upper lid outside of the lash line to mimic the effect of a false eyelash. If you are adventurous, branch out into different liner shades. Elizabeth Arden makes a beautiful gunmetal shade which we find beautiful and your date will find intriguing.