Friday, July 29, 2005

Attention Gadget Heads! (women's model seen above, $249)

Feet Won't Fail Ya
The New Land Rollers

Winner of the 2005 Sports Product of the Year. Patented Angled Wheel Technology™ delivers performance superior to inlines. Radical design mounts large wheels while maintaining a low profile and short wheelbase. Skate-friendly dynamics with greater stability, a smoother chatter-free ride, better maneuverability and multi-surface capabilities.

LandRoller's radical wheel configuration outperforms inline skates on all surfaces with a smoother and more stable ride. "Size does matter! The basic physics of bigger wheels has clear advantages. For years, skate companies have tried to capitalize on those advantages by putting larger wheels on skates to improve versatility and achieve a smoother glide. Those attempts have failed because the skates were either dangerously high off the ground, as in the case of Rollerblades' Coyote skates, or unmaneuverable because of too long of a wheelbase, as with the GateSkate, TrailSkate and Crosskate," states LandRoller co-inventor Bert Lovitt.

Only with LandRoller's patented Angled Wheel Technology™ can large wheels be mounted on a skate while maintaining a low profile and a short wheelbase. Skating dynamics are maintained while delivering all of the advantages of large diameter wheels. These advantages include speed, smoothness and increased glide time.

People are astonished by the incredible STABILITY derived by the slightly 'out of line' wheel configuration of LandRoller skates.. Most people need to experience the ride to believe it . critics are amazed and become converts, even crusaders. It's astonishing!

The radical design of LandRoller's large, angled wheels grabs attention -- even from distance. It's confounding. How can something that looks so wrong, work so right?

Every element of the LandRoller design leads to a superior skating experience. Skaters are ready to overcome the limitations of inline skates. They're ready for LandRollers.

Get into LandRollers!

  • Join the LandRoller Skate Revolution - LandRoller is revitalizing skating with the most innovative and exciting skate product in years. Try them and you'll be convinced.
  • The LandRoller Advantage is clear for skaters of all levels - LandRoller delivers improved stability, a chatter-free ride, greater maneuverability, multi-surface capabilities and dramatic styling. Novices find them easier to learn on and world champions are embracing LandRollers for their superior performance.

LandRoller Skate's Advantages are numerous:

  • STABILITY over cracks, rough surfaces and other roadway impediments: LandRoller skates were on Steve Coogan's feet while he was skating over cobblestone in the recent Jackie Chan movie, "Around the World in 80 Days." You don't need to be a pro skater, aggressive skater or speed skater to benefit from the superior stability of a LandRoller skate, nor do you need to fear the rogue pebble that can send inline skaters flying off the path and into the brush. LandRollers are so forgiving and easy to learn on that beginners are only novices on their first day.
  • Better MANEUVERABILITY for situations that require quick decisions and reaction times: LandRollers enable skaters to navigate with more control and agility. Aggressive skaters and speed skate junkies - please remember to obey all speed limit signs! Once you master the subtle technique differences between inlines and LandRollers, you will find that you can turn sharper and spin more easily on LandRoller skates.
  • SKATE IN PLACES AND ON SURFACES never before imaginable: LandRollers were originally designed as all-terrain skates. However, the same features that make them excellent off-road skates (larger wheels on a short wheelbase with a low center of gravity) make them superior to inline skates and quad roller skates, on ALL surfaces. Claim your independence today. Put on a pair of LandRollers and - skate where you want and do what you want. For off-road skating, please use LandRoller's wider profile, air-ride tires - available soon.
  • RESPONSIVE BRAKING: Braking on the LandRoller skate is more effective than with inlines because the geometry of the two-wheel design makes it easier to use the drag brakes. Hand-activated disc brakes will be a feature on some future models.
  • SMOOTH, CHATTER-FREE RIDE: The large wheels provide an incredibly smooth ride - increasing the pleasure and comfort of skating. LandRollers are so comfortable that they have even been described as skate shoes. LandRoller eliminates the "routine" of a health and fitness regimen.
  • RADICAL STYLING: LandRollers are a social phenomenon. They are amazing attention grabbers and conversation starters. Be prepared for the pick-up lines. And prepare to get mobbed at skate parks or when just skating down the sidewalk. Skaters with Rollerblades, inlines, aggressive skates, quad skates and hockey skates will all ask you where you got your LandRollers. For stores, visit the website.