Friday, July 08, 2005

That's Jeannine on the left

Brousseau's the Best

Imagine our delight when we found our all-time favorite stylist, Jeannine Brousseau, was working out of (temporarily) Chop Chop Salon (830 N. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90038 (323) 464-8100, but call Jeannine directly at 323-304-0883). After six years without a professional haircut, our Chairman of the Board had his Samson-style locks cut with such professional precision, we were in awe. In fact, it put our amateur efforts to great shame. The argument we've always ahered to (at least to ourselves) is that 'no one will ever take as much time and effort into you looking good as I would.' Well, guess what? Jeannine did! Movement, depth, charm, all in one Jeannine Brousseau haircut.

We figure it this way: like a great dentist, gyno and auto mechanic, it's worth the drive (or the energy finding out where they are) when you've found the finest.

Chop Chop, for its part, had an amazingly relaxed vibe for such a cool and hip looking place. That's translated as, you don't feel awkward or uncomfortable (even though everyone there is thinner and better dressed). They're extremely customer-oriented; there's no snottiness here. Right at the front desk they have several timers, so customers can monitor their parking meters and make sure they don't get a ticket. How nice is that? We even had the privilege of a warm visit from the owner, Darin Birchler.

Chop Chop is described as a: Salon that specializes in cuts and highlights doubles as an art gallery with rotating artwork and occasional opening receptions.

No doubt you'll hear more about Chop Chop and Jeannine (we'll keep you posted on her whereabouts) from BeansTalk.Posted by Picasa