Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Novalash: Eyelash Extensions

Lash Out

NovaLash offers a kit with a method to extend and thicken eyelashes without mascara or traditional false lashes. Eyelash extensions are single, synthetic lashes that are applied on a hair-by-hair basis to the clients' own natural lashes with a special bonding agent that lasts for several weeks.

The NovaLash Corporation, a Houston-based company comprised of physicians, scientists, and cosmetic chemists has taken a technique that originated in Asia, and revamped the bonding system in their laboratories This allows for a safer, stronger bond that resists water, cleansers, heat, and friction---for the strongest, most durable way to bond eyelash extensions.

Because lash extension products are used in such close proximity to the eye, NovaLash uses a new physician-developed bonding system that meets United States safety standards for its ingredient list. Unlike the older generation of lash extension glues made in Korea and China, NovaLash's adhesive is of surgical quality, and meets the strictest guidelines for consumer safety in the US. "Because the FDA does not yet regulate foreign-produced lash extension adhesives, I encourage consumers to ask their beauticians to provide ingredient lists when using adhesives that have been imported from Asia," says- Dr. J.D. Merszei, the company's Head of Consumer Health & Safety.

Some of the risks associated with foreign-made glues may include eye infections following allergic reactions to unknown industrial contaminants. The adhesives made overseas are often manufactured for automotive use, rather than medical or cosmetic purposes. These formulas sometimes contain industrial impurities from themanufacturing process that could be harmful to the eyes.

Molecular biologist and Head of Research and Development, Veronika Garga, explains, "The biggest challenge in our research was to create a bonding agent that was both strong and safe for use around the eye area. The solution was to create our own adhesive based on surgical glue. This way, we can be sure of the purity and strength. "NovaLash Eyelash Extensions are almost impossible to distinguish from long, thick natural lashes, because there are no strips or knots, and the tip of each hair is tapered just like a natural eyelash. Swimming, sleeping, and other normal activities may be enjoyed as usual. Application fees range from $100.00 to $300.00 for a full set. The normal time it takes an experienced professional to apply the lashes is approximately one hour for a full set.

Certification in the technique can be earned upon completion of NovaLash's training seminar. There is also a training video for the lash extension procedure available for $29.99.

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