Friday, September 21, 2007

B What are the most popular treatments?

FD: All the ONA Signature treatments, using color sensory therapies, blue, green or orange to address your body or skin current needs.

B: If you are new spa-guest, what should you know -- about changing clothes, about tipping, what are the very basics

FD: Spa guests are greeted and directed into a changing room, where they will be given a robe and a pair of spa sandals. For a massage its better to undress completely; for a facial you can keep your underwear on. If you are getting a spray tan, bring black loose clothing to wear after the treatment. Suggested tipping is between 17 % to 20 %.

B: What about products, what is new out there that really works?

Ona AHA Serum complex 15 %. , intensive exfoliating formula, Ona ALPHA LIPOIC firming cream ,promote firm,tone skin, Revitalash, cosmetic innovation that will promote the growth of your lashes in 20 days.No more eyelash extentions just wear your own [BeansTalk Note: We got a sample at the GBK Emmy Suite – look for a review here soon], Cosmelan 2, bleaching facial cream, NU-FACE; Hand held Microcurrent lift and tone your skin, Environ C-Quence cream, hydrating antioxidant.

B: How long do the effects of a massage last and/or how do you make it last longer?

FD: Depending on your level of stress, a good massage should relieve tension and pain for a few days.

Taking long baths, stretching or doing yoga and breathing deeply prolong the effects of your treatment.

B: What should you do before you go into a treatment -- prep-wise?

FD: Before a spray tan, exfoliating your entire body is recommended
A warm shower before a massage help you relax.
Ask questions before getting your facial, after that, relax and enjoy.

B: what does the decor or theme tell guests about a spa?

FD: A very peaceful, well designed and tasteful decor, inspires a nurturing feeling, a sense of pampering and cocooning... It relaxes your body and mind and allows you to escape from the stress of your day .

(Photo above of Ona's Couples Room; below of the Spa's Wet Room)