Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lookout for Lindsey Marie

As the ME of BeansTalk, we’re a little blasé about the seeming hoardes of jewelry designers that pepper Emmy suites. But Friday at GBK’s Roosevelt Hotel-set suites, we met an enterprising, admirable young woman whose tenacity is impressive. And, besides that, her jewelry is very pretty. Many of the Penthouse-located staffers were donning her distinctive cuffs (see above) and we were following behind the much-gifted Blair Underwood (who is in one of our favorite network shows, The New Adventures of Old Christine) – his wife walked away with one of the cuffs.

Lindsey Marie has a user-friendly professional website – we were very impressed that all of the jewelry (she had a lot on display at the suite) were all made by herself or her mother by hand. Her proud mom was also by her side. We raised a lot of eyebrow as she was telling us her schedule, which includes heading to jolly old England to a Masters program. When does she find the time to create such pretty trinkets?

Here’s a little bit about her, but for more, check out her site (and read about her Biwa pearls),

Lindsey Marie is “rocking out pearls” (Dallas News). While her materials include the highest quality of freshwater, south sea and exotic biwa and keshi pearls, her designs are contemporary, fashion-forward and are created to accompany runway seasonal trends in shape, size, and color palate. Lindsey Marie creates pearl pieces to be everything they are not supposed to be: bold, sexy and exotic. Lindsey Marie’s keshi and biwa pearls are of her most popular pieces as in the collection as they their shapes and colors are unique and exotic. Lindsey Marie has worked alongside international fashion labels and these experiences have taught her a great deal about cosmopolitan fashion and its differences across the globe. Lindsey pulls designs from her travels, and life experiences in order to create pieces that tell stories and demonstrate a personal flare. A graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas, Lindsey Marie earned a degree in Biological Sciences. She later realized her passion was in design and has attended classes at Central Saint Martins in London and is now pursuing an MA Applied Arts degree in silversmithing, Goldsmithing, Metalwork and Jewelry from the Royal College of Art in London. These experiences have fueled her line's urban-global appeal. In November 2006 Lindsey Marie was named one of the top ten designers in the Dallas Fashion Incubator competition. Lindsey Marie’s Autumn/Winter 2007 line, Posh Noir, continues to evolve the identity of the classic, conservative pearl into everything that it’s not supposed to be: bold sexy, and provocatively fashion-forward. Lindsey Marie successfully maintains her personal signature of exotic keshi and biwa pearls while adapting her new collection to current trends. This season, Lindsey Marie pearls develop into lighter, more ethereal designs with a touch of glam. She uses stones such as onyx, lemon citrine, peridot, iolite, and amethyst. These eye-catching shades are elegantly blended with biwa, keshi, freshwater pearls and delicate metals. Posh Noir takes several cues from runways spanning the globe. Among the many motifs used are endless lengths, metallic glamour, smoky chic accents, and feminine charms, yet all retain Lindsey Marie own personal style. The vibe is luxurious, sophisticated, and intriguing. The Posh Noir collection is not for the meek. The pieces have a bold message, making them strong enough to stand alone, but they also look fabulous layered and with the coming season’s clothing trends. A woman wearing a piece from the Posh Noir collection knows she’s making a statement as soon as she puts it on, and not only does she know people are looking, but she’s enjoying it. Posh Noir is the perfect complement to the edgy, statement-making fashions of this season such as metallic prints and mini dresses. Lindsey Marie’s poignant collection this season inspires sultry thoughts of being in softly lit velvet-draped rooms while sipping pomegranate cocktails. Posh Noir truly captures the LM woman mentality of edginess, individuality, elegance and sophistication. Lindsey Marie is available for custom exotic pearl necklaces: 469.233.0215
Images: LM Large Biwa Pearls with sterling silver and CZ clasp and Melanite accents. $155.00; LM Keshi Cuff: gold toned wire wrapped cuff with keshi pearl accents. $78.00