Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Getting it All Ironed Out

Barbar owner Dominic Barbar greeted BeansTalk's ME and AE at the GBK Emmy Suite last Friday at the Roosevelt Hotel by telling us that he'd met us before. But we never forget a face and we wouldn't have forgotten his. That said -- frequent visitors to this site know that we pride ourselves on our knowledge of flat irons, having reviewed several of the most popular, right here on BeansTalk.

Barbar generously presented us with the 1 1/2" Ionic Flat Iron seen in the image above. We finally got to test it out. Our favorite thing about the iron is the comfort of use. The design is great, feels good in your hand, whether you're doing your own hair or someone elses.' It is not speedy at heating up to its full 220 c*, but it has a nice digital readout to tell you what the temp is. It's also a handy size for travel. Of all the irons we have, we can say that this is the most comfortable and easy to use. We haven't used it on a regular basis to give a truly comprehensive review, and when that time comes, we'll certainly post it here.

For now, we're going "au naturel" and seeing how that works out for us. It's easy -- we shampoo and shower daily, dry only our bangs and let the rest air dry (with an occasional flip of the head and a teeny bit of scrunching -- we really get 80s-flashbacks when we do this).

Barbar's website, barbarartist.com features plenty of info about the company products and some fun photos of the different events Barbar has vendored at -- we're curious as to why Kevin Sorbo has been to all of them (and yes, he was at the GBK suite at the Roosevelt on Friday, we know that for a fact because he was right behind us).

Seen above:

The Barbar Titanium-Ionic 1600 Flat Iron has a digital temperature display and heats up to 420 degrees Farenheit. The Barbar 1600 can be used on WET or dry hair and will not burn or damage the hair, due to the ionic ventilation holes that seal in moisture. 180 WATT, 110V/125V, AC 50/60 HZ. Titanium plate, swivel cord.

  • 110V-125V
  • AC 50/60 HZ
  • 180watt