Saturday, September 29, 2007

Flower Dies


"With One Daring Act, the Future of an Entire Generation Can be Changed."
-Narrator Sean Astin

With regret, Animal Planet announces the passing of one of its biggest stars – Flower – the matriarch of Animal Planet’s MEERKAT MANOR. Flower died as she lived, in a heroic attempt to protect the lives of her family. In the upcoming September 28th episode of MEERKAT MANOR titled “A Journey’s End, viewers will witness the events leading up to her death and will be able to say to farewell to Flower.

For four years as the Whiskers dominant female, Flower led her family through the Kalahari Desert, staving off predation and holding ground against tough rival clans. She may have come from humble beginnings, but during her reign, Flower’s family became the most successful group in the Manor.

“Flower’s courage and strength in life was mirrored in her passing,” says senior executive producer Mick Kaczorowski. “Viewers and fans have become attached to Flower because she exemplified the qualities of a true hero and a veritable leader. Throughout the 13-year Kalahari Meerkat Project study, Flower has been referred to as the most successful matriarch of her time. Her reign will always be remembered and admired.”

"Flower was larger than life. She stood tall against her foes, readily and regularly faced conflict and was a pillar of strength for her family," says Marjorie Kaplan, general manager of Animal Planet & Discovery Kids Media. "The circle of life is very much a reality in the animal kingdom. We at Animal Planet are devastated by the loss of Flower and recognize that her death will have a deep impact on our viewers. Life in the Kalahari will never be the same."

Playful in spirit and often controversial, Flower will be remembered as a formidable leader, noble mother and courageous meerkat. If the measure of a leader is the legacy she leaves behind, Flower's accomplishments are evident in the faces of the next generation of Whiskers. The death of Flower marks the end of an era for the Whiskers clan as they – and viewers – ponder over who will rise to the top and lead the family to further greatness. Tune in Fridays this fall at 8:30 PM ET/PT to see what happens next on MEERKAT MANOR.

In light of the sensitive nature of the episode “A Journey’s End,” senior executive producer Mick Kaczorwoski will host a one-hour chat on immediately following the 8:30 PM (ET) premiere.

Fans of Meerkat Manor can look forward to an upcoming feature-length film about life in the Kalahari. Filmed on the same location as the series, the movie follows the dramatic day-to-day lives of the "Whiskers," an extended family of meerkats that Flower ultimately comes to lead.