Friday, September 21, 2007

BeansTalk: How is the spa world changing?

Fabienne Dufourg: The well recognized spas are now integrating medical procedures (botox, restylane, Juvederm,peels, and laser treatments) providing targeted result oriented treatments.

B: What are things that all good spas must have?

FD: Excellent well educated, properly trained and experienced spa therapists who can communicate a definite opinion and strategy to meet his/her client's objectives; professional product lines and immaculate sanitation.

B: With so many places calling themselves spas, how can you tell/do
you know that you're going to a legitimate place?

FD: The first place :their website .You can look at the menu of services they offer, description of their staff, how many years they have been in operation and pictures of the spa. Word of mouth, Referrals from friends and Family and finally the media are always helpful.

B: Is it true that a spa like Ona is more reputable/consistent than destination spas? My experience has been that at destinations I always get a lacksadaisical massage and lazy facial because they're not trying to get return business.

FD: Yes that is true .While you can enjoy relaxing decors, customer service at destination spas, they most of the time do not authorize (for liability reasons?) certain targeted services or use of advanced equipment therefore not obtaining or providing the same results.The caliber of therapists,the short training and lack of experience is also a factor. At Ona spa we pride ourselves in matching you with an experienced, fully trained therapist you feel comfortable with and who well help you achieve your goals.

B: What are signs you should look for in choosing a spa, how do you find a great spa?

FD: A spa with an excellent reputation, experienced therapists,customer service,immaculate hygiene and helpful staff.

B: What are some of the latest offerings, like at ona?

FD: We have exclusive new treatments such as ONA Nirvana 3 hours massage ultimate relaxation and therapeutic, ONA Pada, intensive deep tissue healing, utilizing the feet as tools, ONA Radiance combining massage and acupuncture. ONA Cosmelan, a medical peel designed to eliminate hyperpigmentation, melasma and brown spots performed by our registered nurse ,trained by Dr Stanley Frileck ,our medical director; ALCAT test, a blood test for discovering your hidden food allergies, intolerance or sensitivity (performed by our registered nurse). We also have Ona ultimate Environ + facial, this treatment normalizes and improves the collagen and elastin.