Monday, September 17, 2007

Dazzling Designs by Cecelia

Last week at the Sonya Dakar Beauty Boot Camp and Gifting Lounge breakout designer Hillary Lammens could hardly keep up with celebrity requests for her stunning accessory line. Stars including Paula Abdul, Vanessa Williams, and Kathy Griffin gushed over her gold plated, turquoise and Swarovski crystal embellished clips, which can be added to bags, clothing, hair, or purses. Lammens suggests swearing them with anything from flip flops to Manolo Blahniks. The look brings a summery California elegant look to anything one chooses.

Lammens: "I think that style is the element that you bring to your wardrobe. It's personal. It's the small touches that make the overall composition yours. My accessories allow for that choice. what distinguishes the line from current accessories on the market is the ability to transform a lokk with a beautful semi-precious piece."

Check them out at or 866-CECELIA.