Friday, September 14, 2007

Diamonds Shine for CHI
CHI raised excitement at the Style Villa when they featured the $1 Million Dollar Diamond CHI Hairstyling Iron at The Style Villa. This exclusive 3-day, invitation-only event was a super popular rest stop for top celebrities during the MTV Video Music Awards. Attendees included Eve, Ashanti, Linkin Park, Fifty Cent, Timberland, Nelly and many more.
Farouk Systems Group was proud to feature the tool that had everyone talking: the Exclusive Million Dollar Diamond CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron. This prestigious tool created by Blue N’ White Diamonds, Inc. contains over 6,800, 3pt. flawless non-conflict diamonds each carefully set in an 18K Gold casing. The luxurious Diamond CHI will tour selected cities to create awareness, and afterward; it will be sold with a portion of the proceeds going toward the victims of conflict diamonds.
Shauky Gulamani, President of Farouk Systems Group states, “Our Company takes pride in creating products that restore hair and produce incredible shine. That’s what the Diamond CHI symbolizes. Its 222 karats shine brightly to raise money and help restore the lives of those who are victims of conflict diamonds.”