Monday, September 24, 2007

Sexy City Shoes

BeansTalk must admit that we've watched Sex & The City... and maybe we've actually seen every episode (we wanted to join in the watercooler chat, for heavens sake!). We also admit that while it started out very rocky, it did improve -- even though Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie always seemed to be channeling her inner hooker (via wardrobe mistress Patricia Field) in the middle seasons. Sometimes, Sex & The City really hit the mark -- a good example is the Carrie/Burger relationship -- a longtime flirtation/attraction that didn't live up to the hype they imagined for themselves. It fizzled in a very credible (and vaguely familiar) way. It missed, too, with over-the-top storylines involving Samantha and the UPS guy and the raw-foods waiter.

But still the series rocked the world of chick lit fans around the world. And after three long years, there will be a feature film chronicling the further adventures of Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha. These photos are from that much-anticipated (by some) film, currently shooting on location in NYC.

Sex & the City fever still reigns amongst the four-years-later-still-drinking-cosmos-crowd. Kim Catrall, who plays sexed-up Samantha (the lady in red, natch) is wearing Stuart Weitzman's popular Fever pump. Do you think she hestitates when she calls them her "F*ck Me" pumps??