Friday, September 14, 2007

Hot Handbags

Well, at least to us. We love us some pretty handbags. So much that we have a section of our closet dedicated to pocketbooks, the best clothed in soft flannel bags, each color theme on a separate shelf. Sigh.

But we're a little tapped out. By that we mean that 1. We don't have room in our closet for anymore bags (which means – horrors! – that we have to give away/sell something to get something new). 2. They're so expensive.

That said, we just cannot get behind all the exotic handbags that are so hot right now.

There's a Bottega Veneta Crocodile Tote that is $22,680. And no, that comma isn't in the wrong place. Jimmy Choo 's Ramona bag is $14,000. Nancy Gonzales has several bags that hover in the $3,000 in Crocodile and Python. We're also slightly wigged about the Peta factor. Now, for the most part, we are so not down with extremists (which we think Peta is), but in this case…it's a little obvious, and frankly, we're not that crazy about how they look anyway.

That said, let's be a tiny bit indulgent today. Let's look at some bags we think are pretty…nice. Bear in mind this is purely fantasy indulgence. Alas, we do not have the coin to buy any of these lusciously lovely bags.