Friday, June 24, 2005


Massage Must in West L.A.

[BeansTalk can personally recommend Ms. Stein as an excellent massage therapist.]

From BeansTalk friend, Betzi Stein: Scientific studies have shown that receiving massage therapy on a regular basis contributes to long term health, well being and quality of life. I believe that massage therapy should be affordable for everyone, so I am introducing a pricing policy that will allow anyone to experience the benefits of my high level of skill and sensitivity acquired over more than 18 years in private practice. I call it HONOR SYSTEM PRICING and here’s how it works: YOU SET YOUR OWN FEE!* That’s right. You tell me how much you are comfortable paying within a certain range, and that is what I will accept.

My standard rates are:

$55 per 1/2 hour

$100 per 1 hour

$145 per 1 1/2 hour

Honor System Price Range:

1/2 hour $25 - $55

1 hour $55 - $100

1 1/2 hour $100 - $145

It is my wish that you make massage a priority in your life and if given the opportunity to choose a price that fits your budget, money will not be a deterrent.

I specialize in pain management for people who have chronic musculoskeletal problems, but the work is effective for anyone

including people recovering from injury or illness, athletes, pregnant women, the elderly and anyone who is just overstressed and overworked.

What makes my work unique is the very slow, deliberate, deep tissue method I use that allows the body to open and release pain and tension comfortably. It is deeply satisfying and relaxing to receive.

I see both male and female clients of all ages, am available seven days, have flexible hours and am centrally located on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Betzi Stein


(310) 202-0474

*A travel fee will be added to outcall service.

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