Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Donnie and Johnny Van Zant

All Rocker Wants To Do is Fish

Donnie Van Zant says there's nowhere he’d rather be than fishing for large-mouth bass off his 18 1/2 foot Hydra Sport Boat on a lake in Western Florida. His brother Johnny, in addition to being the other half of the sibling duo Van Zant, is also a passionate fisherman.

Recently, Donnie put aside his music career and spent a few minutes talking fish. He shared a few of his favorite Florida fishing holes, from Lake Okeechobee to McGirts Creek in Jacksonville, his favorite reel (an Ambassador 5500), and even a few of his fishing secrets (the best places to catch bass are shaded -- under a dock is ideal).

Donnie admitted to being a freshwater man all the way, preferring to be in sight of land at all times. Sometimes he enjoys wade fishing in shallow water, but explains, “Florida has a lot of gators and snakes -- I like to stay in the boat.” Whether he’s fishing from the bank or the boat, in Jacksonville with brother Johnny or in South Florida with Larry Junstrom (the bassist for Donnie’s other band, .38 Special [Note: .38 Special was once a BeansTalk guilty pleasure]), the soundtrack is always the same: the local country radio station, turned way down.

While Donnie has had more than his share of musical success, he’s still waiting for fishing glory. “The largest bass I’ve ever caught was about nine pounds,” he confesses, “I’m still trying to get that trophy fish.”

Van Zant’s new album ‘Get Right With The Man’ was released on May 10, 2005 (Columbia Nashville); the guys’ single “Help Somebody” is climbing the Billboard “Hot Country Songs” chart and is currently at #20 this week. Posted by Hello