Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Swimwear Summer Survival

Tankini and Skirtini

[Having just purchased a suit similar to the one above, it made BeansTalk realize there may be readers interested in swimwear survival tips. We’ve recently discovered the benefits of the “swimdress,” and now the “skirtini.”]

A Swimsuit Right for Body Type
by Ina Jackson, Christina Swimwear

Tip# 1
Get help from a professional. Choose a store with a wide variety of styles to try on and the staff to help you make the most (or least) of your figure.

The right swimsuit design can maximize, minimize or emphasize what you want it to. So take your time and try on lots of styles and sizes until you find the one that suits you best.

If the suit doesn't fit right it will never feel comfortable. Always start with your dress size and move up a size if necessary.

Once you have a suit on, move in it! Lift your arms...bend...squat...twist...jump up and down. A swimsuit made with spandex will move with you. It hold its shape...and yours.

Bust Enhancer
• bright prints on the top of a suit will help equalize your figure.
• suits with an inner bra will help support and push up your bust.
• look for details at the bust - shirring, buttons or clips will accentuate your bust.

Bust Minimizer
• a structured bra will give you more support and feel comfortable.
• try suits with more coverage at the bust and underarm to give you more freedom of movement.
• look for all over prints to draw the eye away from your bustline.

Waist Minimizer
• look for "tummy tamer". We add an extra panel to the tummy area to give you the support you require.
• princess seams or diagonal inserts can add shape to a straight waist.

Hip Minimizer
• suits with a skirted look cover key problem areas.
• dark colors on the bottom are great minimizers.
• contrasting leg insert will lengthen your body and reduce your hips.

You can never have too many swimsuits. So when you find one that fits right and looks great, buy it in another colour. When traveling you should have several suits so you can wash and dry out each suit beforeyou wear it again.

Show off your suit with pride. Model it for friends and family and let them see the sun goddess that you are!

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