Friday, June 24, 2005

Pamela Anderson

Pam Anderson's Rejection

NEW YORK Thursday, June 23, 2005 – The man who claims to be the first to discover Pamela Anderson speaks out about her first modeling gig on Friday’s ‘A Current Affair.” He claims that when he sent the resulting photos to Pepsi and Canada’s Labatt’s Beer they rejected her.

“I think I saw how special she was [during that first photo shoot], but when I was showing her pictures around LA [before she became famous], I don't think people [advertisers] could see it [her star qualities], just yet,” says TV producer, David Sereda, who claims he was the first to discover her star potential. He first noticed the star when she was featured in a “little black and white ad” for a fitness club in Canada, asserting the ad “was so small you almost needed a magnifying glass to see how beautiful she was.” Anderson was a fitness trainer for the club.

Sereda says he was looking to hire a model to represent a new clothing line called Hot Skins Body Wear. This quickly became what he claims to be Anderson’s first modeling gig, but he also states she was “big, robust…like a strong European woman.” He claims she had originally set her sights on training to be a female body builder, and takes credit for steering her in a different direction. Her first challenge, he states, was for her to lose “all the muscle,” so she could pursue an acting career.

The photographs from that shoot, he asserts, were “really silly,” stating that the budget was so low that he himself shot the photographs. “We used light bulbs because we couldn't afford good studio lights and we used newspaper for a backdrop…”

More on Anderson’s early beginnings, including the childhood incident that shocked the star so much she turned into a P.E.T.A. ambassador, on Friday’s ‘A Current Affair,” (, disributed throughout the United States by Twentieth Television.

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