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Customized Skin Care from Essencia

The composition of natural and organic skincare ingredients are always at the whim of Mother Nature -- each batch differs from the next, thanks to growing climate, soil quality, water, and even the time of day in which the ingredient was harvested. Just as with a natural ingredient, the composition of our skin is unique and individual due to differences in DNA, genetics, diet and lifestyle. This is why, no matter how many skin care choices there are on the market, it can often be difficult to find the perfect elixir to cleanse or treat skin and what works for one person might ravage another’s skin!

Essencia, the all-natural, essential oil-based skin, bath and home lifestyle company, has solved this problem by introducing Personal Product Customization. Co-founder and creator Juliana Lipe’s extensive study and expertise on the interplay of the skin with essential oils and botanicals has created the platform from which her in-depth knowledge in skin care treatment can be utilized to customize virtually any type of skin, hair or body care product to work with-not against-personal genetics and lifestyle.

Already incorporating Mother Nature’s best resources, like Green Tea, Oatmeal, Chamomile, Lemon and Lavender in Essencia’s retail product collections, Lipe offers consumers the opportunity to book a personal skin care analysis and consultation after which she will “cook up” custom skin care products as individual as the user’s skin. Personal Product Customization offers only the freshest, pure ingredients to address and treat the most basic or most pressing skincare issue.

Here’s how it works:

Essencia will customize every product the company produces, including their bar soaps, liquid cleansers, facial and body lotions, creams, body butters and balms, facial and body oils, facial and body scrubs and masks. Through a four-step process of phone consultation, product research, product formulation, and production, customers are assured a product formula created just for them. Client information is kept is a database, so reordering and extending product usage is as effortless as logging on to the Company’s website.

To begin, consumers can either visit the Essencia Web site,, and fill out a brief skincare survey, OR they can call the company’s 800# directly, and set up a phone consultation with Juliana Lipe. After gathering information on the customer’s current skincare regimen, their skincare issues and concerns, likes, dislikes and allergies, Lipe will custom-blend the skin or bath product of their choice. Consumers receive custom products within four to six weeks. Refill orders ship two to four weeks from time of order.

Essencia prides itself in customer satisfaction. If, for any reason, a client does not like their custom blend, he or she will be offered the opportunity for a refund of product value, and Essencia will work with the customer on a reformulation at a discounted rate.

The initial fee for the custom product is $250 per product and includes a phone consultation to determine product type and a clinical evaluation of the customer’s needs, research and development. The customer will receive two units of the custom formulation. For subsequent refills, clients will only pay for the product itself.

Refill prices vary depending on the type of product and types of oils and ingredients used, but the starting (remember these are only starting) prices for refills are listed below--The final purchase price will be determined by the factors above. Prices do not include shipping.

Starting prices for refills:
Essential Oil bar soaps -- $15
Scrubs and Masks -- $26
Facial and body lotions and creams -- $32
Body butter and balms -- $32
Liquid cleansers -- $35
Facial and body oils -- $40

All Essencia products, and Essencia customized products are made of the finest natural ingredients and essential oils. Essencia skincare can be found at specialty beauty stores and spas nationwide, and on To begin the customization process, visit, or call 866-568-5848.

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