Thursday, June 09, 2005

Get a Grip!

Judy Alley, Creator of Yoga Grip Gloves and actress Illeana Douglas

No More Slip-Ups

Actresses and yoga fans Illeana Douglas, Shannon Elizabeth and Jennifer Love Hewitt, discovered they aren’t the only ones who slip while in downward dog. They picked up Yoga Grip Gloves for hands and feet for their next class. Yoga Grip were among the vendors at the MTV Style Lounge at Chaz Dean Studios last week. The gloves and socks were also given to Golden Globe goody bag recipients. Jamie Fox asked for an exchange in size after receiving them in the Golden Globe goody bag. Disturbed drummer Mike Wengren said he wants to keep a hold of his sticks with black Yoga Grip Gloves, which are suitable for the gym and keeping germs away. (Above photo courtesy of Yoga Grip Gloves). $14.98 available at

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