Monday, June 13, 2005

Yuko System's Repair Through

New Yuko System Product

Yuko System's Repair Through is a new conditioning spray to use before blow-drying dry & damaged hair. It’s effective for excessive split ends. Reps say it revitalizes hair, which is detangled and protected from breakage.

Spray on wet/damp hair and comb through before blow-drying. Hair becomes smooth and protected from heat because of amino acids and keratin. The extra protein also prepares for flat ironing and heat styling.

Ancient Chinese believed that gold was the key to eternal youth and longevity: Yuko System uses real gold to bring harmony and balance to hair, using their Aqua Gold soluble water in their Kokoro G Series products. Repair Through is the newest addition to this home care line, which includes professional Kokoro G water for stylists, Kokoro G Shampoo & conditioner (now available in a convenient tube as well as the economical tub).

Repair Through is an improved version of Yuko System's older Blow Dry Essence. For how to care correctly for hair ("Never rub your hair forcibly by wrapping your head with a towel") log onto: 6.8 fluid ounces for a retail price of $24.00. Sold online at or call 877-YUKO-SYS.
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