Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Skin Care Specials

Skingenious' Pumpkin-A-Peel

Pumpkin-A-Peel by Skingenious

It’s natural enough to eat, but Pumpkin-A-Peel’s nutrient-packed pumpkin enzyme mask features the Vitamin A-packed orange vegetable more than 104 nutrients, including amino acids, essential fatty acids, cucurbitin (an anti-cancer sugar unique to the pumpkin family), and more. This pore-refining enzyme peel keeps skin vibrant and aglow.

SPA 415 in Beverly Hills, reports that supermodel Tyra Banks and actresses Cameron Diaz and Gabrielle Union are all fans of the spa’s professional grade Pumpkin Enzyme Facial ($100/hour, made by Skingenious) – they've bought Pumpkin-A-Peel.

“The process we use is very similar to making wine, where the nutrients of the grapes are concentrated and intensified, “explains Shan Albert, founder and creator of Skingenious. “It’s a way to coax more benefits from the fruit, instead of destroying them.” Marinating the entire pumpkin in natural ingredients, at low temperatures to retain and intensify its vitamin and mineral content, this long, slow process results in a 100% natural fruit acid formula, free of artificial color, fragrance and preservatives. Infused with concentrated pumpkin enzymes, pumpkin extracts, water and essential oils, Pumpkin-A-Peel is:an alternative to AHA’s and is a mild retonic acid substitute; a natural repair therapy ideal for sensitive skin and Rosacea, because it is not as sharp or intrusive as glycolic acid.

To clean pores and refine the skin, smooth a thin layer gently over the face, neck and/or décolletage. A slight tingling may occur as the Pumpkin-A-Peel deep cleanes pores and removes dead-cell buildup. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse well. Pumpkin-A-Peel is $39.00 for 1.5 oz. For more information on Pumpkin-A-Peel and other Skingenious products, please call (888) 452-2463 or visit

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