Monday, October 15, 2007

Aqua Eyes by Make Up Forever

BeansTalk recently discovered a new make-up company with inspiring new ideas. We are impressed with Make Up Forever because they make products for the woman who loves make up. The folks at Make Up Forever are known for their vibrant and unabashed color palette – an assortment of shades that really invite us to “come out of our shell.” The bright palette makes the browns, neutrals, and blacks so many women wear seem staid and stogy. Most women who see this line will say to themselves, “It’s time to try something new.”

If you are new to the line, we recommend starting with one of their signature products: Aqua Eyes. We found Aqua Eyes to be not only comfortable to apply, but quite durable. To expand, we prefer a rather precise line on our lids and are in the habit of checking the mirror constantly during the day for a diffusion of color or smearing. No problem here. The line remained defined and color-rich all day. Second, we put this little gem to the ultimate test: We exercised in it by wearing it during our daily 3 1/2 mile run. The verdict: impressive performance. It looked great. That’s a first for a BeansTalk tested eye-liner.

Here’s more about Aqua Eyes:
Water-resistant and highly concentrated in pigments, Pearly Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil gives a stable, luminous finish in any situation. Pencil lines traced on the inside of the eye do not run. The delicate, subtly iridescent texture intensifies the eyes and lights up the eyelids with ultra-fine mother-of-pearl, without any oily effect.

What it is: A smooth and creamy, highly pigmented, extremely waterproof eye pencil.

What it does: Supplies super long lasting, smudge-proof, tear-proof, waterproof color. Its fluid, creamy texture glides on skin to create precise, intense lines around the eyes in a variety of hues.

Key ingredients: Volatile silicone emollients allow pigment to glide on skin and texture to set on the eyelid after the oils evaporate, while helping to resist water. Microcristallin waxes improve pigment adhesion and hold to skin.

Application tips: Draw a line directly at the edge of the eyelashes. For a softer look, smudge liner with fingertips or brush within 60 seconds of application, before the product sets and while it still allows for movement. Be sure to keep lid on pencil when not in use to keep the formula from drying.

Fun Fact: Visionary Dany Sanz originally created Aqua Eyes for performers of water ballet.

Where to buy:
Size: 1.2 g
Retail price: $16.00

Application: Sharpen the pencil with the special pencil sharpener and draw the line directly onto the skin. Rapidly smudge with the finger or a sponge applicator for a more mysterious look. After use, always replace the cap so that the tip does not dry out.