Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bella Belara

BeansTalk has often observed that women do not know how to sample beauty products. The perfume shopper is the perfect example. She wafts her way through the store spraying paper pieces or her own skin, sniffing for a few moments before moving on to the next bottle that has been cleverly packaged. We offer the following simple advice: slow down. Fragrances need several minutes to “set” the same way your make up needs to set on your face. Snap judgments will never really give your olfactory senses a fair chance at making a good decision about a new fragrance.

We certainly hope our readers will give the new introduction by Mary Kay a fair chance. BeansTalk recently was indulged with a generous supply of the lovely Bella Belara fragrances from Mary Kay. We thought the eau de parfum was well suited to us. We can describe the “personality” of this fragrance as warm and apparent of fruit without being “sweet.” The jasmine and mossy scents are reminiscent of evening, making this a lovely parfum to wear out to dinner.

We also especially liked the Bella Belara shimmerific lotion. The very subtle shimmer it leaves on the skin is a mood elevator without being juvenile. We also thought that the lotion escaped the BeansTalk “kiss of death” – being too heavy. It’s not. No need to wash your hands or escape a cloud of fragrance after wearing this one.

Read on:

Bella Belara Eau de Parfum
The exuberant floral fruity eau de parfum captivates immediately. The senses are first treated to a delectable medley of apricot and red nectarine. At its heart, dew-covered rose petals and Moroccan jasmine unfold, while a delightful mix of creamy blond woods and cool moss linger.
Available now at a suggested retail price of $34.00.

Limited Edition Bella Belara Shimmeriffic Body Lotion
The perfect companion for the Bella Belara Eau de Parfum, this lotion bestows a subtle gold and silver shimmer while leaving skin feeling soft to the touch and smelling fresh, confident and beautiful.
Available now at a suggested retail price of $18.00, while supplies last.

Shop online with your Independent Beauty Consultant, or find one at or call 1-800-MARY KAY (627-9529).