Friday, October 05, 2007

An Aussie-phile steps out in LA

BeansTalk readers will recall that we are big fans of the Warmbat line of sheepskin boots. (See BeansTalk archive September 11, 2007) Who isn’t? Although traditionally the cowboy boot is a trademark USA look, we have noticed that the sheepskin boot is so ubiquitous these days that it threatens to dethrone the cowboy boot as the classic American closet staple. Warmbat boots really have exploded onto the American scene accordingly.

Still, in Los Angeles, many of us have a hard time justifying wearing our sheepskin boots on days when the mercury rises above 80. (most days.) What is the Aussie-phile to do?

BeansTalk recently had the opportunity to try a pair of rugged and versatile street shoes from Warmbat’s Southern Cross division of footwear. These are superbly constructed nubuck shoes that really exude Aussie style and flair, and represent a very refreshing departure from the mary-janes, flats, and stilettos that dominate the footwear catwalks this season. Just to ensure that there is no mistaking the Aussie design, Warmbat’s trademark wombat logo is emblazoned on the side. G’Day, mate! Or should we say.. dinky di!

In LA, we feel this style really sets one apart from the crowd. We paired them up with boyfriend cut jeans, and a few layered jumpers (sweaters), and received many inquiries about our shoe selection. When the weather cools down, we are quite sure that this "three season" shoe will provide the warmth and comfort that have become Warmbat’s trademark as well. We would describe the fit as roomy, almost unisex, perfect for thick, textured socks.

From their website:
New from Warmbat, Our Southern Cross range offers superior grip with Warmbat's patented sole technology. The bold, casual range blends comfort and performance with functional style

"Warmbat is the Original Australian" says Australian born Paul Barclay, Founder of Warmbat Australia. "Our brand is one of the oldest in the sheepskin boot industry. Our commitment to Comfort, Quality, Fashionable Designs and Innovative Technology has made Warmbat a dominant leader in the Industry".

We approach the design of every Warmbat sheepskin boot and footwear “feet first,” because while fashion is imperative in our footwear, comfort is critical. Any other apparel item can make concessions to style, but in shoes, if the fit isn’t right your feet will know it. We know it, too, and we live by it. A comfortable, cozy fit is the first priority of every pair of Warmbat sheepskin boots, slippers and other footwear styles in the range.

Makahla Ross, the official Warmbat Australia Model (pictured above… she is a Midwestern country girl!) was featured recently on MTV's season finale of "My Super Sweet Sixteen.” BeansTalk caught the episode and wants to trade our ride with hers. She is a cute dancer too!

For more information or to order Warmbats, check out the website: