Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So, Er'Go

Believe it or not, we actually had some idiot in our graduate school class who used to always say that, "So, ergo..." obviously not realizing what he was saying.

Anyway, we love Er'Go candles -- especially the fruity ones, but we cannot afford them. Still, we're interested in what's new and this is the latest:

LEATHER from Er’go Candle is a brand new scent, conjuring up memories of new cars, expensive handbags and of course…the iconic and sexy leather jacket. LEATHER’s totally unique aromatic scent and distinguished packaging is tanned to saddle up winter editorials and ride right into Spring! Giddy Up!
LEATHER is the 18th sophisticated fragrance to be referenced into Er’go’s Library Collection. Er‘go is the #1 leading manufacturer in the soy candle market. With sales that will ignite any retailer who carriers them. Their various collections can be beautifully displayed seperately or all together.