Monday, October 08, 2007

French Revolution

For Baby Phat’s St. Tropez-themed show, Kristina Baune modernized the 80’s French manicure using sand-toned Serenity for the base and metallic Pharaoh’s Gold for the tip on glamorous long almond nails. At L.A.M.B., nail goddess Gwen Stefani and CND’s Roxanne Valinoti decided on a high-contrast, crisp white base and black tip to accessorize the naughty school-girl looks seen against the hi-tech black and white background graphics. Similarly, at Jayson Brunsdon, fellow Aussie Cherie Pollard created a shorter nail with Cold Shoulder, a metallic white and thin clean line of Voodoo black painted on the tip (pictured above. BeansTalk favorite.). This smart update to the classic French looked crisp with his cleanly tailored silhouettes in black, white, red and green silks.