Wednesday, October 31, 2007

SpaRitual Hand, Foot and Body Spa Collection
Center Yourself with SpaRitual’s Chakra Care System

by Andrea Goodwin, associate editor (

From the BeansTalk Confessional: This staffer’s husband sometimes affectionately refers to us as a lizard, and when he is in an especially good mood: a gila monster. Okay, it is not what you think. He is not referring to our skin, only our internal thermostat. There is no way he could be referring to our skin because we regularly luxuriate in SpaRitual’s Chakra Care products, and judging from how often he is trying to feel us up, he must love them too…

SpaRitual has recently introduced a fine collection of vegan spa treatments to nourish your mind, body, hands, feet and nails. (BeansTalk note: You do not have to be vegan, of course, to be taken in by the aromas and restorative properties of these beauty boosters.) The collection is well-crafted to enhance the daily well-being of the SpaRitualist. How? The multipurpose system unlocks the powers of the Chakras, or energy centers, and leaves the soul and body feeling relaxed and renewed.

Infused with specially sourced and selected plant essences, the seven custom-blended formulas and three bath salts have been designed to energize a specific Chakra within the body and deliver therapeutic benefits. The varying aromatic fragrances energize, soothe, nourish, refresh and relieve modern day stresses on the mind and body.

The SpaRitual Chakra Care System links a specific essential oil to each Chakra that triggers and stimulates that attribute to direct energy properly and balance the Chakra. The new SpaRitual collection also has a subtle fragrance-energy that naturally lends itself for use in Chakra care. As always, remaining truthful to the SpaRitual tradition, the collection is vegan, naturally colored, free of synthetic dyes and uses many Wildcrafted and organic ingredients.

The Collection

Infinitely Loving Oil – massage therapy blend ($28.00)

A blend of Chinese Jasmine extract and essential oils energizes the Heart Chakra. For body, hands and feet, the Oil conditions the skin leaving it soft, smooth and glowing.

Harmonizing Soak Tonic – bath conditioner ($26.00)

Italian Mandarin essential oil energizes the Sacral Chakra. The Soak soothes the body and mind physically as well as with aromatherapy. May be used alone or with the bath salts.

Instinctual Moisturizing Lotion – hydrating therapy lotion ($28.00)

Wild-crafted Indonesian Ginger essential oil energizes the Root Chakra. Nourishes and moisturizes especially dry patches and helps heal chapped, cracked skin. BeansTalk found the ginger scent to be clean and subtle, a mood elevator.

Infinitely Wise Fragrant Mist – eau de toilette ($26.00)

French Lavender essential oil energizes the Crown Chakra. The fragrant mist relieves mental and physical exhaustion, rejuvenates tired feet and refreshes your surroundings. Spray this light fragrance onto your yoga mat or after a bath to enhance your daily ritual. Again, BeansTalk appreciated that there was no need for friends to escape a cloud of perfume while we wore this. It was like a little reminder to ourselves that we are taking good care of ourselves. Subtle, fresh, and lovely.

Visionary Cleanser – sanitizer ($18.00)

Wild-crafted French Juniper Berry essential oil energizes the Third Eye Chakra. This multipurpose spray sanitizes hands and feet, removes oils and residue to enhance nail lacquer adhesion. Also may be used to sanitize yoga mats.

Eloquent Toner – firming mist ($18.00)

Australian Tea Tree essential oil energizes the Throat Chakra. This toner firms body, hands and feet and soothes dry skin.

Affirming Scrub Masque – exfoliating and refining duo ($28.00)

Wildcrafted Indonesian Ginger essential oil energizes the Solar Plexus Chakra. This scrub-and-masque in one exfoliates and refines the skin for a more streamlined hand, foot and body treatment. Contains Micro-algae, which opens pores and preps the skin to receive the optimal benefits of the ginger.

Open Your Eyes – 21 mineral bath salts ($22.00)

Organic Australian Eucalyptus essential oil energizes the Sacral Chakra. This bath salt clears the mind, reduces fatigue and soothes sore muscles. Use alone or with SpaRitual
Harmonizing Soak Tonic when bathing.

Close Your Eyes – 21 mineral bath salts ($22.00)

Egyptian Geranium essential oil energizes the Sacral Chakra. This bath salt calms the mind and reduces feelings of anxiety. Use alone or with SpaRitual Harmonizing Soak Tonic. BeansTalk loves this product in the foot bath. Perfect for the end of the day!

Look Inside – 21 mineral bath salts ($22.00)

Wildcrafted Indian Frankincense essential oil energizes the Sacral Chakra. This bath salt helps to focus the mind and soothe the body. Use alone or with SpaRitual Harmonizing Soak Tonic.

SpaRitual’s line of Vegan Multipurpose Spa Products can be found in premiere spas around the world including Great Jones Spa in New York, the Mandarin Oriental and Canyon Ranch Spa locations. Visit for more information.