Friday, October 26, 2007

For God's Sake, Read the Labels!

Today we went to the Sephora in Manhattan Beach and met a super-nice and informed consultant, Amanda. If you’re around the area, it’s a whole world of difference, attitude-wise, compared to the Sephora in Century City or Santa Monica.

She gave us samples of several different products from the Fresh line, which we’ll try and post our results and opinions.

But on our own, we admired the new high-end line of Bare Esentuals, which had a vessel (for lack of a better description) we thought was very cool. They had an alleged sample size that was still $25, but none in the proper color for our skin. The had the full-size, but that was $65 and we aren’t that commitment.

We were told (not by Amanda) to try Philosophy’s The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas, which was $35 for .32 oz. Bronze seemed the right color. It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that we looked at the packaging that it is not pure minerals, but an actual foundation with sunscreen.

Honestly, we really believe it was no mistake that they used the exact same kind of dispenser and prominently advertised the SPF (which those familiar with minerals know is a natural built-in component of mineral makeup).

We had gotten some Susan Posnick Mineral Makeup at some awards’ suite and loved it, but thought that was too expensive – and that is comprised of real minerals.

Revlon had the same type of compact (we love things that you can apply single-handed, since we do all of our beauty regime in the car on the way to work) for a very brief period of time for powdered blush. We bought it when it was at Big Lots for $5 (quite pricey for Big Lots, but we’re assuming that it originally was pricier than “regular” Revlon blush.

We’ll try it, but we’re not happy about it. If you learned anything from today’s entry - - and therefore, our mistake, read packaging closely and don’t’ make assumptions. We were caught up in liking the compact and color selection that we didn’t both to be sure it was completely minerals (which it is not, as mentioned earlier – can you tell we’re annoyed?).

We checked out their website and this what they had to say

the supernatural
airbrushed canvas spf 15

what conceals, camouflages, and provides spf protection all in one easy step? philosophy's supernatural airbrush canvas spf 15. this amazing powder is a high-pigment, talc-free foundation that provides a silk to satin finish. multi-tasking powder formula provides sheer, natural coverage and leaves the skin with a smooth, airbrushed appearance. it is incredibly fast and easy to use with the unique sponge applicator and is safe to use on all skin types - from the most sensitive to those prone to breakout. skin perfection combined with sun protection has never looked so beautiful.

natural is a natural-sand shade that provides sheer coverage for light skin tones. the easy to clean sponge top twists off for those who wish to apply their powder with a brush.

you need this product if...
# you want a mess free way to apply mineral foundation and makeup
# you want a luminous, radiant skin look your skin is sensitive or prone to break out
# you are a multi-tasker and you like the idea of a 4-in-1 formula

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