Friday, October 05, 2007

BeansTalk Gets Organized....

In our home closet! We needed hangers and during a regular jaunt to visit the "dress for less" shop we came across these hangers called "Vertical Fit" (don't bother looking them up; we've done that for you and they're no where on the internet)...but the main design element (and you can find similar styles) is that they are "ultra slim non-slip velvet flocking hangers." They pretty much look exactly like the ones in the photo above, only ours are different colors (and we assume ours are a discontinued color).

We couldn't believe the difference these have made in our closet and now we're determined to change each and ever hanger in the closet to these. The best element for us (yes, yes, we have lots and lots of clothes, already hung by length and color) is how slim the hangers are, and create some extra room in the closet and prevent the proverbial "smooshing" of clothes.

For a long time, we assumed that the best hangers were the super heavy duty, thick plastic ones -- perhaps in the long run these will ultimately last longer (we doubt the flocking will make it past a decade) -- but right now, they accent our closet beautifully and hold our clothes, both jackets and sundresses with equal aplomb.

Bed, Bath and Beyond sells a version, as does, apparently, Target. Just a do a search for ultra slim hangers and go from there. As we often say, you'll be glad you did.