Friday, October 05, 2007

Mineral Make-Up In the Bag

As BeansTalk readers know by now, we adore mineral makeup and don't use anything else.

One of our favorite brands, Larenim, has a new cosmetic bag ($24.99) and the company's founder Kristen Corcoran has some tips for you:

Silver Belles, Larenim's limited edition holiday Eye Colour, is icy silver and sparkly. This Eye Colour is equally striking worn as an eye shadow or applied with a drop of water as a dramatic eyeliner. Stock up because when it’s gone, it’s gone! Code #12424 $8.95 SRP

Cosmos lends a multi-colored twinkle to a matte charcoal base. $8.95 SRP

Idol is a gleaming gold Cleopatra herself would indulge in! $8.95 SRP

Don’t forget your tools! The latest entry in the vegan brush collection is Smudge Brush which is soft, dense and perfect for creating that sensuous and dramatic smoky eye! $12.95 SRP

Bonus Beauty Tips from Larenim’s creator, Kirsten Corcoran

Winter can be a great time to showcase a different kind of beauty than what you usually display during sunnier months. For example, one can wear deeper colors that may otherwise come off as harsh if worn in the spring or summer months. The holidays are a great time for shimmers on both the face and body. That said, while winter can be a great time to make a more dramatic beauty statement, one must also be careful to adjust their beauty regime somewhat to accommodate for some of potential pitfalls this season has in store for us.

For example, apply some bronzer as either an allover color wash or just to the high points of your face, such as your cheeks and temples, when your facial color has become washed out due to a faded tan. Also add a bit to your neck and décolleté to maintain a natural appearance.

Smoke your eyes with a charcoal or plum shade of eyeliner, but remember to go easy on your lip color as to not appear harsh. Gently sweep some glitter on your eyes or face to add a sparkly sexy quality for nighttime occasions. You can even dust some on your hair after priming with a squirt of hairspray, to add a touch of glamour. I have even seen women in their 70s do this and found that it looks so subtly gorgeous; it puts a twinkle in one’s eyes! In both cases, make sure you use the appropriate brushes and a gentle hand to achieve a sultry, feminine look, as opposed to overdone!

Winter air tends to be harsh and dry, so remember to change your skincare regime somewhat to keep your skin looking it’s best, as well as, the makeup sitting on top of it. If your skin is dry, use a milder cleanser and an exfoliant to keep the flakes away and mist over your makeup with a facial freshener throughout the day. Also if your skin is oily and dry at the same time, use the same regime but touch up during the day with Mineral Silk to control oily shine. By using the mineral finishing products, I have found that my skin will stay shine free while not experiencing the dryness associated with talc based touch up powders.