Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Organic and Eco-Friendly Sleep

BeansTalk recently met the good folks over at EcoBaby and Pure Rest Organics. They really got us thinking about what is in our mattresses. If you have small kids, with developing neurological systems, the question is even more important. The folks at Pure Rest have a huge assortment of safe mattresses, pads, blankets, pillows, comforters, and clothing for kids and adults that are beautiful, high quality, and will set your mind at ease.

We pass along their set of questions anyone in the market for a mattress should ask:
1. Are there any bonding or scrim in any of the battings?
2. Is there any Vanillin or scents added? (All Talalay has this.)
3. Are there any silica agents added?
4. Is the rubber free of all benzene, toluene, and pthalates?
5. Do the crib mattresses contain Boric Acid or Antimony?

If you have a great mattress, check out their sleepwear. We are in love with the
Deluxe White Swirl Adult Robe (pictured)

Price: $99.99
500 gsm to wrap you up after shower or bath or for lounging around. Super soft with velour swirl outer and terry inside; 3/4 length sleeve. Organic Cotton. Made in India. Size: Small/Medium (5'6" and under), Large/XL (5'6" and up).

EcoBaby/ Pure Rest Organics
7550 Miramiar Road, Suite 220
San Diego, CA 92126