Friday, October 12, 2007

All-Natural Body Mint® Tablets Freshen Breath and Body from the Inside

If it’s true that we can never be too rich or too thin, then it certainly goes without saying that we can never be too fresh. And Body Mint® has taken it upon itself to prove just that! Ladies and gents alike have discovered the next best thing to keep them fashionably fresh, so they can finally breathe easy. Body Mint® has the inside track to haute hygiene - literally.

Body Mint® is the first all-body freshening tablet taken orally, like a vitamin, to keep people who are “on the go” feeling sparklingly clean and comfortable hours after their morning grooming routine. Simply popping the little green tablet once in the morning and once in the evening reduces breath and perspiration odors before they start; allowing people to get closer, play harder and most of all live an unrestrained life.

So what makes this little power-house of a tablet so effective? Body Mint’s unique manufacturing process uses a highly specialized, all natural and water-soluble derivative of chlorophyll, to create a potent formula which takes effect in as little as 2 to 4 days.

So whether you are hard at work, at the gym, out on the dance floor, or cuddling with a special someone, Body Mint® is on the job. Bottom line - worry less and live more.

A one month supply of Body Mint® retails for $19.95 and is sold at Whole Foods Markets in California and Arizona and at Long’s, Eckerd drugstores and other fine retailers throughout the country. To find a location near you or to order online please visit or call 1.866.BODYMINT.