Friday, October 19, 2007

Martin Sheen's Latest Venture
Wonder what the West Wing star's up to?....

Years ago, back in BeansTalk salad days, we were acquainted with Martin Sheen's son Ramon. We spent several afternoons at the Sheen's Point Dume home. Back then, BeansTalk loved babies and other people's children (now, not so much -- none can compare to our own).

One afternoon, the-then Paula Profit (now Speert, keep reading) brought over Sheen's tiny grandbaby, Cassandra over to be babysat. Guess who got to help? Yup. Paula was Charlie's high-school girlfriend. She had Cassie at 17, and Martin and Janet (Martin's wife) set Paula up with a home and help. Now Cassandra Estevez (that's Sheen's real name...btw, did you know that Charlie's real name is Carlos Estevez?) is a grown business woman who keep a low-profile.

Jackson Clay, Inc.
is a Southern California upscale-casual boy’s apparel company. The Jackson Clay brand is distinguished by the right mix of classic and trendy looks that give the clothes longevity. The collections are as chic as Malibu and as rugged as the surrounding mountains. The styles are like the beaches; cool, crisp, and clean. All Jackson Clay details and silhouettes speak of the Southern CA “good life” and offer the same richness.

Speert says, "“I think Martin and Janet [company investors] were attracted to the family-aspect of Jackson Clay. We (she and co creator Paige Snear Apar) are two real moms who had a good idea, and with the love and support of family we were able to build something we are proud of." The photo of Sheen shows him with creators Paula and Paige.

Sold at E-tailers and retailers nationwide.