Wednesday, October 17, 2007


And most interested observers are also going to be highly critical. Take Britney Spears. She shows up on MTV, two children, a broken marriage and five years after her watershed snake-wielding dance, looking less fit and everyone is in an uproar. By no means is she fat, heavy, overweight, chubby or any other description. What was so wrong – her choice of an outfit! The bottoms were tight – tight enough to give her the appearance of love handles. Had she just worn something less revealing and her new I-love-Taco Bell-and-have-had-two-children body, no one would have been the wiser.

Less is actually more here. The less you wear, the more you show and the more you look larger and not nearly as fit than you probably already are.

What is most fascinating is that the majority of the women we see sporting overly form fitted clothing are not necessarily overweight. They’re just not buying clothes that fit – they may suffer from the delusion that super snug is sexy, not realizing that tweaks to size, style, fit and fashion can be flattering.

But for now, enough are adhering to the “tight is right” (we just made that up) adage.

It’s almost rivaling the bad-drivers-are-always-on-a-hand-held-cel-phone. We are going to try to adhere to our own advice, and hope you will, too.