Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Benefit’s Benetint

BeansTalk just discovered a super fun line of cosmetics from Benefit. We somehow have inexplicably let this company slip under our radar. We don’t know how, their packaging alone is enough to set them apart on the store shelves. Fortunately, they just opened a store on chic Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, and yes, readers, we do read our mail. We get it. You wanted us to weigh in on this hot line. (wink)

Our friends over at Benefit suggested that we start with one of their award-winning signature products, so we checked out the super popular Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain. Benetint is an original - it was created 30 years ago by Benefit co-creators Jean & Jane Ford. It’s success is not only underscored by its longevity but by the fact that it has been copied over and over. BeansTalk has even reviewed a few of these!

Benetint is a rose-colored cheek and lip tint. Kiss-proof and water-proof, this indelibly sheer tint gives you an innocent, yet provocative glow. Benetint can be used on both lips and cheeks. For lips, it makes a great primer for lipstick, or can be worn alone or under gloss to give your lips a cherry popsicle-stained pout.
BeansTalk recommends: If you carry a smaller purse check out their Pocket Pal version of Benetint.

Tips and tricks: Draw three small stripes across the apple of your cheek. Blend in a circular motion with fingertips. Apply Benetint to lips with a clean q-tip... even after your lipstick wears off you'll still have a rosy glow!
Product details:
Winner of Real Simple magazine's "can't-live-without-household-products-hall-of-fame" award
Winner of Marie Claire's "Top 25 Products that Changed our Lives" for "the fave for rosy cheeks and lips"
Voted "best blush" by Elle magazine in 2006

Retail: $28.00
12.5 ml / 0.40 US fl oz Check it out at http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/