Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blast from the Past

During Boxing Week, we were in Vancouver and one of the things we brought along for reading material on the areoplane is The Vermont Country Store catalog. The main premise of the shop, catalog and on-line store is that they feature items from the recent and not-so recent past, that may harken back memories of yore. We certainly had a bit of that with two staples from our youth. The Sweet Earth Solid Fragrances were a favorite in junior high and the White Cloverine Salve was what our parents used for our many childhood rashes.

Check out the site, which features (our) college-era Lanz clothing, food and candy and numerous other things that will suddenly spark memories of days gone by. No Little Kiddles, but we love the site anyway.

Sweet Earth Solid Natural Fragrances in a Take-Anywhere Compact
The popular Sweet Earth collection from the 1970s is being made again only for us, and just like back then, it comes in a take-anywhere, no-spill compact. Great for carrying in your purse so you can freshen up any time, anywhere. Simply apply to your pulse points for a lasting effect. 0.23 oz. compact.


* Take-anywhere, no-spill compact contains three fragrances
* Woods collection features the scents of sandalwood, amberwood, and patchouli in one compact
* Flower collection features the scents of hyacinth, honeysuckle, and ylang-ylang in one compact

For those who prefer the convenience, practicality, and long-lasting nature of solid perfumes, we've brought back the natural fragrances of Sweet Earth. $19.95

White Cloverine Salve
Soothing Chafed, Chapped, or Wind-Burned Skin and Lips Since 1860
Developed by a doctor for his patients back in 1860, this special salve helps protect against and relieve chafed, chapped, cracked, or wind-burned skin and lips. In fact it is so effective and has built such a loyal following over the years that it has become one of the most requested items from our customers. 1 oz. tin.


* A trusted remedy for almost a century and a half
* Also soothes minor skin irritations and burns

White Cloverine prevents and relieves chapped lips and protects skin from the wind and cold. 2 Tins, $13.90