Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Actress Ming-Na REUTERS/Max Morse

Not So "Inconceivable" for Ming-Na

Ming-Na poses as she arrives at 'One Night Only: A Concert for Autism Speaks,' a benefit concert hosted by former NBC newsman Tom Brokaw at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood September 24, 2005. Autism Speaks was launched earlier this year by NBC Universal chairman and CEO Bob Wright and his wife Suzanne, after their grandson was diagnosed with autism. Ming-Na, star of NBC's "Inconceiveable," a drama set in an infertility clinic, wears A Pea in the Pod’s black mesh double v-neck sleeveless top with ties at the shoulders and a coordinating black mesh knee-length skirt. Ming-Na and her husband have a 4-year old daughter Michaela and are expecting their second child this fall.

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