Thursday, September 29, 2005

Booty Parlor products

Booty Down

Booty Parlor,, the creation of husband and wife team, Charlie and Dana Myers, has launched. From melt chocolate body fondue to lip gloss, lingerie, bubble bath, and yes toys, Booty Parlor offers all the tools one needs for a little down time fun!

Booty Parlor is like a traditional beauty parlor - but for women’s sex lives….and for the men in their lives/ With a branded line of cosmetics, lingerie, LoveKits and sex toys, Booty Parlor is reinventing the way women shop for “bedroom accessories” by taking them out of the adult stores and into a friendly cosmetic-counter styled shopping experience.

From its online website, to at-home Booty Parlor parties and trunk shows, Booty Parlor is creating environments where women can shop, indulge and socialize, as well as pamper themselves with the company’s original range of high quality sexy merchandise. In addition to individual items that make women feel gorgeous and sexy, Booty Parlor also creates unique “LoveKits” which are luxury themed gift boxes, designed to help add a little something extra in the bedroom. A special “mini-book” pertaining to each kit’s theme, is included in every kit.

What Are Celebs Saying?

“This is THE best idea for a company. It is so fun! I think every girl should have a Booty Parlor party – I know that I’m having one!” Jennifer Love-Hewitt

“I think there is nothing sexier than women wanting to own their sexuality. Booty Parlor is so creative. If only I had a girlfriend …” Wilmer Valderrama

Other celebrity fans include, Angelina Jolie, Teri Hatcher, Jessica Alba, and Natasha Henstridge.

Women are Ready For Booty Parlor

In a post Sex and the City world, and with everyone from Oprah to the stars of the popular TV show Desperate Housewives openly talking about the importance of a healthy and satisfying sex life, the way women think about sex is changing. American women are ready for a sexy, sophisticated company that understands what they need, and with Booty Parlor, they finally have a place that fits their lifestyle, that can give them exactly what they want in a way that’s fun and familiar.

Booty Parlor is set to dominate the market in terms of offering female friendly sexy products and accessories, first with the launch of its website, and soon to be followed by home parties and retail outlets later this year. Posted by Picasa