Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Once Removed Nail Polish Remover Pen

Nail Care

Nail Polish Remover Pen, With Treatment Serum and Cuticle Pusher Pen, with Treatment Serum

Both travel-ready items are pack-light, portable and easy to tuck into carry-all, back-pack or desk drawer.

Nail Polish Remover Pen With Treatment Serum is the first product to remove nail enamel that contains no harsh chemicals to create noxious fumes. Environmentally friendly and bio-degradable, the remover contains Aloe to moisturize and condition, Calcium to harden and strengthen the nails and Vitamin E to stimulate nail growth. The revolutionary pen applicator makes quick color changes and emergency repairs a breeze, and the lack of "toxic" fumes guarantees discretion even in the closest quarters. Directions: Once the pen cap has been removed and the tip pressed down on the nail surface, product is released and can be spread over the nail and cuticle. To remove, wipe with a cotton pad.

Cuticle Pusher Pen with Treatment Serum incorporates the healthy cuticles serum formula containing natural oils and vitamins. The soothing ingredients penetrate and hydrate the tough outer nail layer, absorbing quickly into the skin - all without leaving any greasy, sticky residue on nails and fingertips. The precision tool pen contours to the shape of cuticles and dispenses just the right amount of essential oils. Jojoba Seed Oil penetrates and moisturizes the tough outer layer of the nail plate and cuticle, Macadamia Oil promotes healing of damaged cuticles and Avocado Oil adds deep moisturizing and conditioning benefits. Best news of all? To eliminate the "ouch" factor of metal or wood implements, the pen has a padded nib that pushes cuticles gently but firmly into place. Directions:Remove cap, dispense serum onto the pen nib by twisting the rotator at the bottom of the pen. For the first time, rotate several times before the liquid dispenses. Stroke serum onto clean nails and cuticles. Push cuticles back.

Both new products are available in Duane Reed stores throughout the country and online at Amazon.com, just enter Once Removed in the search box. The Nail Polish Remover Pen, retail price $3.99. The Cuticle Pusher Pen, retail price $4.99. Posted by Picasa