Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fruits & Passion's Aromachology


Fruits & Passion's new collection, Aromachology: Aromachology means “a sense of well-being derived from the use of essential oils”. While aromatherapy is a type of medical treatment, aromachology is a pleasant alternative for creating a gentle and natural effect on the body and psyche. We have selected superior quality essential oils from all over the world.

An essential oil is the aromatic extract taken directly from the plant. We also say that it is the plant’s soul. It is precious, rare and must be used sparingly. There are 17 products in the line.

Grooming tips

To Enhance Hair Shine:

Tired of dry, brittle looking hair? Ultra shiny hair is just a couple of essential oil drops away without the greasy hair look. Add two drops of Aromachology Peppermint Essential Oil and 2 drops of Aromachology Rosemary Essential Oil in a portion of your conditioner. Mix in the palm of the hand, wash, and let sit for approximately 3 minutes. Then rinse.

For Acne:

With the cold of winter, your skin is already dry enough. Don't make it worse with harsh acne creams and treatments. Clear blemishes the pure and natural way by customizing skin care routines and favorite skin care products to help heal and ward off acne.
o Soak the tip of a cotton tip (Q-Tip) with 1 drop of Aromachology Maleleuca Essential Oils. Apply directly to blemishes 2 to 3 times per day until disappearance.
o Apply a facial mask 1 to 2 times per week with 2 drops of Aromachology Fine Lavender Essential Oil and 2 drops of Maleleuca Essential Oil per mask portion. (preferably a clay mask)
o Add 10 drops of Aromachology Maleleuca Essential Oil and 10 drops of Fine Lavender Essential Oil, and 5 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil to your container of moisturizer (approx. 50ml).

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