Wednesday, September 21, 2005



From a Press Release from Alphactif :

Lorraine Oberfeld and Helen Krasovic, owners of LNS Products USA, and sole U.S. distributors of the all natural hair loss prevention line Alphactif, introduce a hair re-growth and rejuvenation product.

Originating in Europe, Alphactif for Men and Alphactif Nutritif are available for the first time in the U.S. Produced in France and Belgium by Gil Mennetrey at his Laboratoires Natural Scientific, these products, scientifically designed to halt hair loss and rejuvenate hair from the inside out, are proven effective in clinical studies without harmful side effects common with other unnatural hair loss preventatives.

Rather than inhibit the hormones that cause hair loss, Alphactif for Men is a dietary supplement, containing active vegetable components and vitamins that prevent severe hair loss by supplying hair follicles with the nutrients necessary for optimal hair growth and protecting them from hormonal or immunological activity and inflammation.

Alphactif for Men is comprised of squash seed oil, borage seed oil, urtica dioica root extract, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin E and soy lecithin.

After taking Alphactif for Men for 60 days volunteers had a 30% average reduction in hair loss. After 90 days this increased to 45%. Besides hair- loss reduction, there were also significant measures of greater suppleness, volume, thickness, shine and tonicity. Overall, hair loss slowed significantly in 89% of all subjects tested.

Containing marine proteins from fish and shark cartilage, sulfur amino acids, eight essential vitamins A, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, H and three important trace elements: zinc, copper and selenium; Alphactif Nutritif is highly effective, without any known side effects.

Equally as effective and suitable for both men and women, Alphactif Nutritif works on four levels to stop hair loss, increase hair growth, improve hair strength and protect hair cells with active anti-oxidants.

Participants in a double-blind study who took Alphactif Nutritif for three consecutive months had a 41.7% decrease in hair loss, an improvement in hair strength of a staggering 351.62%, and significant hair growth.

Alphactif for Men and Alphactif Nutritif are available at Complete Nutrition and are priced at $64.99 for 60 tablets.
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