Friday, September 16, 2005

Platinum and diamonds (including colored one) are featured in this stunning necklace by Beaudry

Perfect Platinum

The Platinum Guild offered up their annual Red Carpet Platinum Jewelry Preview, showcasing a gorgeous array of one-of-a-kind pieces by 40 jewelry designers (some with familiar names like Neil Lane and Erica Courtney, and others, while being established jewelry houses, just being introduced into the splashy world of celebrity).

Stylists, celebs, and the media visited the penthouse suite of the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where the guild’s Michael O’Connor walked them through the beautiful display of gems, totaling $12 million. O’Connor notes that men’s jewelry, thanks to fans like Leonardo Di Caprio and Jamie Foxx, is especially popular now – gone is the stigma that Platinum jewelry is only for women. "American Idol's" Randy Jackson, who was there Wednesday, admired many pieces – including Hearts on Fire’s limited edition Platinum Dreamstone necklace (retail: $16,000; can be worn around the neck or carried in the pocket as a “touchstone”). Jackson was still considering what he was going to wear to the Emmys on Sunday.

Stars like Nicolette Sheridan and Stockard Channing showed up both days. Sheridan even at lunch at suite Thursday, the same day “Malcolm in the Middle’sJane Kaczmerek showed up. Star stylist Tod Hallman pulled pieces for Jessica Walters, "Scrubs'"Judy Reyes and Kim Dickens.

O’Connor predicts that 98% of the jewelry viewers will see on the red carpet at the Emmys will be Platinum, which is naturally white (did you know that there’s really no such thing as “white gold” – other elements are combined to give the naturally yellow metal a whiter cast), much more dense than gold, and 30-times more rare than gold. Several of the wares displayed, including those by New York-based Hammerman Bros. featured a flexibility unique to Platinum, that notably “showed off” the diamonds and precious jewels to their most brilliant benefit.

At the suite, L.A. Vie L’Orange offered indulgent Platinum manicures and pedicures, featuring the world’s most expensive nail polish – available to the public in the Clothes Off Our Back Emmy Awards Auction.