Friday, September 23, 2005

Mood Maker

Create a offers 125 scents in different candle styles and sizes, plus six soy aromatherapy candles with essential oil blends. There are also decorative candles, candle holders and gift baskets.

Soy candles are environmentally friendly and can be placed almost anywhere in any room. They create a beautiful ambiance and the scent can be changed as often as needed or whenever you feel the urge for something different. Soy candles hold their fragrance longer than their paraffin counterparts and burn slower, so they burn longer.

Exact candle burn times are very difficult to predict as there are a considerable amount of variables. Obviously, large candles will have longer burn times than smaller candles. But, other factors include elevation, ventilation, if the wick has been properly trimmed, and if the "melt pool" has been allowed to reach the edge of the candle.

Some scents by nature are stronger than others. Create a Mood candles are made with the maximum amount of fragrance oil possible. Candle wax can only hold a certain amount of oil, any more, and the wax could catch fire which is unsafe.

In addition to candles in a multitude of colors and sizes, they also offer candle paraphernalia and gift baskets.

Deborah DeLuna of Philadelphia, founder of Create a Mood is a professional Massage Therapist and has been in the luxury hotel and hospitality business for over 25 years. Her love of candles came out of using them everyday in business and her personal life Posted by Picasa