Friday, September 16, 2005

Aroma-Rest Ultimate Theraputic Sleep Pillow

Sleep Easy

A new discovery BeansTalk’s very pleased to introduce:

Custom Designed for Back or Side Sleeping Position. The Aroma-Rest Ultimate Therapeutic Sleep Pillow (seen in photo above) is a new pillow to maximize the healthfulness of your sleeping experience. The Aroma-Rest contains a patented adjustable aromatherapy cartridge. This adjustable device is customized with a blend of essential oils and can be adjusted to the amount needed while you sleep.

1. Aroma-Rest has a patented adjustable aromatherapy cartridge built inside which allows you to breathe in all natural essential oils. These highly concentrated aromatic substances are inhaled while sleeping. Breathing in the essential oils is what gets the desired results. The Aroma-Rest is available in five blends including: Relaxation/Sleep Blend (Lavender and Tangerine), Appetite Suppressant Blend (Bergamot and Lemon), Allergy and Sinus Relief Blend (Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint), Headache Relief Blend (Lavender and Peppermint) and Pain Relief Blend (Rosemary and Peppermint). With the adjustable aromatherapy system, you control the amount of essential oil that is pleasant to you. You can make every breath you take help to restore life into your sleeping body.

2. Aroma-Rest is made of premium Visco-Elastic contoured memory foam originally developed by NASA. The Aroma-Rest is uniquely designed to hold your neck in perfect spinal alignment while you sleep. Whether you are a back or side sleeper, Aroma-Rest minimizes the unwanted effects of pressure points such as stress, tension and other unhealthy side effects. Aroma-Rest will automatically adjust to your body temperature and head weight as your head and neck stabilize in its natural resting place. Night after night you will be restoring your body by lying in perfect spinal alignment, allowing your body to function at a more effective level.

Aroma-Rest is available in the following therapeutic blends: Relaxation/Sleep Blend, Appetite Suppressant Blend, Allergy and Sinus Relief Blend, Headache Relief Blend and Pain Relief Blend. It retails for $99 on the company’s website at, which offers more information, products (more pillows, a mattress pad of the memory foam for all sizes of bed, Natural Bath Café products and Essential Oils) and a company background. There are no synthetic colors or fragrances. Sleep products were developed by Kentucky-based chiropractor Matt Wallis.

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