Friday, September 23, 2005

A Divine Light Candle (Mango Pear)

A Divine Light Candles

From their website at Every candle we offer is hand designed and blended by artist Christina Hempstead. Not satisfied to simply offer over-perfumed factory made products, we use great care to create well-balanced scents in a rich palette of colors.

Each candle we make is hand-poured with care. We approach our candlemaking as an art form. Because we don’t use factory machinery each candle is truly one of kind. We use high quality ingredients to ensure you the very best product offering a lovely glow, fragrance and long burn time.

Our candles are each wrapped in handmade mulberry paper from Thailand and hand-tied with an elegant card.

"It never ceases to excite me every time I unveil a finished candle from its mold...the patterns, depth of color, texture and aroma...Beautiful!"

Owner-artist Christina Hempstead and the company A Divine Light are both California natives. Christina made her first candle as a creative project to do with a friend’s daughter. Seven years later she still loves the "play" aspect of designing and creating deliciously scented hand poured candles in colors that reflect the beauty and color of life.

A Divine Light will work with your party planner to compliment your event or wedding. We also offer designer originals, and have been commissioned to create one of a kind pieces for the producers of Charlie's Angels and Hulk.

Candle Tips

1. Holders-Use a stable heat-resistant candleholder under every candle you burn. This will not only add to the beauty of the candle, it will also protect the surface it is placed upon. Always burn away from flammable materials.

2. Wrapping- Always remove tag and wrapping before lighting your candle. We want to keep the fire INSIDE the candle.

3. Wick Length - Trim wicks to ¼ inch and re-trim before each burn. Wick length determines flame height ; the longer the wick the larger and more active the flame. Don’t trim wick too short, as it may extinguish itself in the melt pool. Keep wax pool free of trimmings and debris.

4. Be Aware-Never burn candles unattended. Watch your candles. This will prevent wax from spilling over and potentially harmful accidents from occurring. Keep out of reach children and pets.

5. Length of burn- Candles have MEMORY. The first time you light your candle allow it to burn long enough so it’s melt pool burns almost to the full circumference of the candle(general rule is one hour for every inch of diameter). At this point extinguish the flame and let the candle set. OR If you like your candles to burn down the center and glow from deep within, then extinguish your candle when it reaches the circumference you like. Once it is set you can re-light and it will maintain the width you have chosen.

6. Drafts - A draft causes a candle to burn to one side. Keep candle out of drafts. You may have a draft and not be aware. You may want to occasionally rotate your candle a bit to compensate for slight drafts.

7. Cleaning- If dust gathers on your are not enjoying them enough. Light them daily you deserve it ! In the meantime give a quick wipe with soft towel or a nylon stocking to give a nice shine.

8. Extinguishing- Use caution when extinguishing your candle - Burning the candle correctly will create a sizable melt pool. Use a snuffer or blow out gently so hot melted wax may is not blown onto furniture or other surfaces. If you notice the wick is off center, re-center it before the wax completely hardens. Burn and enjoy your candle until it reaches about 1" from the bottom.

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