Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ag + Nano Technology Ionic Dryer by Metropolis

Good Blowout

Ag + Nano Technology Ionic Dryer By Metropolis

The special nature of the Metropolis Ag + Nano Tech Ionic Dryer is created by combining Ag (Ag = Silver, an natural antibacterial agent) with ionic technology, producing a state of the art tool that emits negative ions in their finest, most beneficial form. Negative ions break apart water droplets allowing more water to be absorbed into the hairstrand. The result is shiny hair that is healthy and cleaner with a silky smooth appearance. This powerful 1800 watt dryer dries hair fast, eliminates frizz, and leaves hair virtually humidity-proof. The Air-Vibro Nozzle creates ripples of air evenly distributing drying power to dry hair faster. Model includes three heat settings, two motor speeds, prop-able base. 10-year limited-warranty. Posted by Picasa